Action/Information Transmittal Form.

When advancing materials to Chancellor Case for his comment, approval and/or signature, please do so via the Action/Information Transmittal Form. Used Properly, the form demonstrates to the chancellor that the necessary reviews and approvals have been secured proper to the item being advanced to him. Below are some helpful instructions for the form's use.

It is not necessary to use the form when the material being advanced is self-explanatory and on its face demonstrates that the material has been properly vetted. For example, there is no need to use the form with Travel Authorizations, Travel Expense Reports, Vacant and New Position Analysis forms, Representational Allowances and other forms or memorandums that require no coordination beyond that indicated within.

Action/Information Transmittal Form

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 Academic Chancellor's Discretionary Fund Request Form
Academic Chancellor Discretionary Fund request form
 Administrative Chancellor's Discretionary Fund Request Form Administrative request for Chancellor's Discretionary funds.