Policies & Procedures for Proctored Exams

Below you will find a listing of the policies and procedures you must follow when setting up your next proctored exam through Distance Education Services.  These guidelines have been set in place to ensure a smooth and satisfying experience for all your future testing needs with our office.  If at any time you have questions, please feel free to contact a Distance Education representative by calling (907) 786-1730 or toll-free at (855) 582-2337.
  • Testing Hours are M, W, Th & F 8am until 4:30pm (exams picked up promptly at 4:30pm) 

  • Extended testing hours are available twice a week based upon available staffing.  All exams must be completed by 7:30pm.
    • Call (907) 786-1730 for days available.

  • All testing is by appointment only; It is required that you schedule your appointment at least 24 hours in advance in order to ensure testing availability.

  • To schedule an appointment we will need the following information:
    • Name
    • Phone number
    • Email Address
    • School (UAA, UAF, UAS, KPC, etc)
    • Instructor
    • Course (including section number)
    • Exam # (i.e. Midterm/Final)
    • Date/time of appointment

  • Appointments can only be made by the student taking the exam.

  • Missed appointments will result in the student being placed on the "No Show" list and will no longer have a reserved spot to take their exam and will need to reschedule their exam to a new date/time.

  • A student who shows up late to take their exam will be moved to the "waiting list"; the exam will be administered when space in the testing facility is available.  If there is not enough space the student will need to make arrangements with the instructor (if needed) and reschedule for another day.

  • All appointments scheduled outside of the testing dates established by the instructor will require instructor approval.  Approval must be emailed to distance@uaa.alaska.edu before the appointment can be scheduled.

  • Students taking courses from UAF & UAS will need to verify that their exams have been received before an appointment will be scheduled.
    • It is recommended that students request to have their exams sent to our office several days in advance to ensure delivery/receipt by Distance Education staff.

  • Students must present valid government issued photo identification to take exams.

  • Student's name and Student ID Number must be on all exam materials.

  • Lockers will be provided for students for their personal belongings; due to limited space, it is appreciated that you only bring what is necessary.

  • The testing room is actively monitored and recorded by surveillance cameras and Vision classroom management software.

  • All electronic devices excluding calculators are not permitted in the testing room (i.e. cell phones, iPods, MP3 players, PDAs, ect).

  • A testing seat will be assigned to students by Distance Education staff after they have signed in for their exam.

  • All scratch paper is provided; students will not be allowed to use their own.

  • All scratch paper must be turned in with exam (no exceptions).

  • Students are not permitted to keep a copy of their exam unless specified by instructor.

  • Talking in the testing room is prohibited; violators will have their exams confiscated.

  • Passwords will not be given verbally; Distance Education staff must type all passwords.

  • Only materials specified by proctoring guidelines are allowed.

  • Restroom breaks while testing are not permitted; exams are to be completed in one sitting unless otherwise specified.

  • Children are not permitted in the testing room.  Students will not be permitted to leave children in the reception area while taking exams, no exceptions.  We do not have the proper facilities and cannot take responsibility for supervising them.

*In keeping with the University Policies and Regulations regarding academic misconduct, students may not share any information stemming from or relating to the content of the exam with other individuals who are due to take the same exam.

*Academic dishonesty/cheating during a proctored exam will result in the exam and any materials immediately being confiscated and turned over to the instructor for further evaluation and decision of the academic action to be taken. Students will be asked to leave the testing area and will be contacted by the instructor pending their decision for the course of action.  A report will also be filed by the eLearning office to the Dean of Students Office for review and possible actions taken on their part.

To view the Student Code of Conduct brochure, please visit the UAA Dean of Students website.

UAA Distance Education
Policies & Procedures for Extended Hours Testing

  • All guidelines mentioned above apply to extended hours testing.

  • All testing must be scheduled at least 24 hours before the actual appointment.

  • Changes to appointments must be made at least 24 hours before a scheduled appointment.

  • Failure to show up on time for an appointment will disqualify the student from future extended hours testing.

  • Exams for extended hours testing may be scheduled for no later than 6:30pm. All exams are picked up promptly at 7:30pm.

  • Weekly testing is subject to availability of staff members.

  • Extended hours' testing is subject to change each semester depending on staffing schedules.


*Remember, extended hours' testing is a privilege so please respect these guidelines so future testing will be possible.