The Department of Student Union & Commuter Student Services strides to provide services that will help students not only find places to live off campus but the services that come with off campus housing. We have provided below a list of useful links to assist you in finding a place, whether it is on or off campus.

If you're interested in On-Campus Housing click here.

Pad Mapper is a webpage that shows the possible lodging options in the Anchorage area in relation to their distance from UAA. It is a great tool to learn key information about potential housing.

  1. Enter desired zip code into the search bar. For housing near UAA, enter "99508."
  2. Click on the markers that appear on the map of the Anchorage area to view available housing.
  3. Take notice of housing near the "University Area."
  4. Housing markers generally contain pictures, phone numbers, addresses, and information about the property.

Places 4 Students is a webpage that allows landlords and students to find renters or rentals. Students seeking roommates or lodging can create a profile using their UAA email and then communicate with other UAA commuter students in search of off campus housing.

  1. If it is your first time, you can REGISTER by clicking “SIGN IN” or “REGISTER”
  2. Enter in your information
  3. NOTE: You are required to enter an email address for contact information when posting for a property listing, students sublets, or roommate profiles. We recommend you use your student email address.
  4. To SIGN in click “SIGN IN” or “REGISTER”
  5. To the left type in your email and password
  6. To VIEW click “GO” under the students section
  7. Type “University of Alaska Anchorage” in the search bar
  8. Click on “University of Alaska Anchorage” and view property listings, students sublets, and roommate profiles

Discounts fro UAA Students

  1. Anchorage City Limits Music Cafe (20% off with Wolfcard).
  2. Anchorage Lofts Hotel (extended stay 10% off with Wolfcard on the first month's rent).

The Off Campus Housing Bulletin Board is located in the Student Union on the second floor. Find roommates or housing by filling out the form located on the Board or by checking the forms left by other students.

Area Housing Information

A College Student's Guide to Landlord/Tenant Relations in Alaska                                                                                          

Local Property Managers
Wirum Properties
Nova Property Managers
Dall Property Management
Weidner Apartments
Alaska Mini-Storage
Tudor Storage
Diamond Self Storage
Shipping to Alaska
Cars, furniture, equipment, & gear
AML Shipping
Alaska Marine Highway
Northland Services
U.S. Postal Service  for smaller packages
Natural Gas
Water & Sewer
Anchorage Water and Waste Water
Chugach Electric
Anchorage Municipal Light & Power
Matanuska Electric Coop Palmer, Eagle River, & Wasilla
Cable, Satellite TV, Internet, Comcast & Telephone
GCI cable, phone, & internet
ACS phone & internet
Direct TV
The Satellite Guy

Garbage and Trash Collection
Municipality Collection

Commuter Student Services is always looking for new resources that we can provide to students. If you find anything you think that you think we should know about please email us at ATTN: Housing. Thanks.

University Disclaimer

The University of Alaska Anchorage does not inspect, recommend, or guarantee housing listed on this webpage. All properties and roommates included in this listing service are not endorsed by the University of Alaska Anchorage.