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3211 Providence Dr., ULB109B

Anchorage, AK 99508

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3890 University Lake Dr.

Suite 109B

Anchorage, AK 99508


Doug Markussen

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Phone:  907-786-1335


Doug Markussen is Director of UAA’s Environmental Health and Safety/Risk Management Support Department.  Although he retired from the practice, he is an Alaska licensed professional Civil Engineer. He has 30+ years of engineering experience, including:  water and wastewater system design, subdivision planning, surveying, structural design, code compliance, plan check, construction inspection, mining, grading, drainage, and regulatory enforcement.  Prior to his retirement, he was the County of San Diego’s resident mining expert and considered one of the State’s foremost reclamation specialists.  He authored mining operational plans, reclamation plans, and environmental impact reports for some of the largest mining operations in California.  He was a court recognized expert witness, a graduate of San Diego Regional Public Safety Institute (Sheriff’s academy), carried a badge, and issued and prosecuted criminal and civil citations.  During his time in California, Doug served as a State approved disaster responder and took part in the assessment of damage following the 1994 Northridge Earthquake and numerous SoCal firestorms.  Doug is a proud UAA alumnus, having graduated in 1986 from the School of Engineering.  He also obtained an Associate of Arts, with a mathematics education emphasis, from Columbia Christian College in 1983.


Maury Riner

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Phone:  907-786-1279


Maury currently is the Chemical Hygiene Officer at UAA. He deals with chemical storage and hazardous waste disposal for the University in the teaching and research environments.  He also manages the chemical information page for UAA EHS / RMS. He has been employed at UAA since 1997, holding positions such as lab technician, lab coordinator, adjunct instructor, building manager, and lab support.  His formal education includes BS in Chemistry and an MS Applied Natural Science (Chemistry Option).  


Nicholas Dighiera


Phone:  907-786-1178


Nicholas is a Safety Officer here at UAA.  His responsibilities include conducting training courses, OSHA 300 tracking, Injury/Incident Investigations, Intellex lead, Spikies coordination, as well as many other Safety and Compliance related tasks.  He has a strong background in safety, having been an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician in the US Air Force for six years.  After his enlistment, he worked in commercial explosives; ultimately taking on the responsibility of Safety and Compliance Manager for a multi-million dollar company.  He is well versed in numerous regulatory compliance agencies including OSHA, MSHA, DOT, FDA, ATF, DOD, EPA, CARB, FAA, USCG, and many other Federal and State entities.  Formally, his education includes a BA in Business Administration and Management and an AS in Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technologies.