Key Concepts

Accommodation Process

This is the legally mandated process used to be sure every qualified individual with a documented disability is able to receive reasonable adjustments when barriers on the basis of disability are encountered. Adjustments are often made at the classroom level but can also be made at the programmatic level. The Accommodation process is only available to individuals who have documented disabilities. Many others will encounter barriers due to learning preferences or temporary injuries but these individuals will not be eligible to use the accommodation process. 

For more detail see the Spirit and the Letter of the Law presentation from Disabilty Support Services.

Honoring Diversity

When we acknowledge that populations are made up of individuals who are each defined by unique constellations of characteristics, we have a duty to take that full range of characteristics into consideration at the design stage. Ideally, this will mean that fewer people run into barriers at all.

For more detail see Universal Design.


Student Perspectives


Benefits of Accessible Design

Testimonials from a variety of perspectives

  • Students 
    • Learning English
    • With Disabilities
    • In Rural Locations
  • Faculty
    • Implementing UD
    • Working with DSS
    • Innovating in Exciting Ways
  • Event/Space Planners
    • Minimizing retrofits
    • Keeping costs low
    • Maximizing participation
  • Web Authors
    • Maintaining sites more easily
    • Getting more hits in search engines