UAA Accessibility Showcase

It is so important to celebrate good practices. This page collects examples of accessible design from across UAA and is a work in progress. If you have ideas for additional efforts, projects, or examples that should be highlighted please email

Mission Statement

Read Mission Statements

There are great mission statements and diversity statements from across campus that were written in such a was as to explicitely address accessibility. 


Learn about Accessible Learning Environments

Carefully constructed technical standards, Rock solid instructional techniques, and other examples of innovative and inclusive educational deployment strategies.


Learn about Accessible Spaces and Wayfinding

There are some fabulous spaces on campus that demonstrate accessible design principles and our google map allows accessibility related details to be added to buildings. In addition, users can generate walking directions and get advice on routes to travel.


Read about Partnerships

There are strong partnerships such as NCBI that strive to prevent discrimination and foster inclusive communities. There have also been grant funded efforts such as CAPRA that have resulted in professional development opportunities, training materials, and important evaluation activities. 

Web Accessibility

UAA's Web Accesibility Efforts

UAA is moving forward. Ongoing efforts are producing clear policies, workable plans, and sustainable workflows. Stakeholders have issued support. Technical assistance and Training is available. Evaluation is engaging and ongoing.