Advancing Web Accessibility at UAA


UAA Strategy is leadership, training, and monitoring. Gaining traction with support of stakeholders, evaluations, and support


Web Accessibility Efforts at UAA

Strategy for Gaining Traction

1) Administrative Guidance and Stakeholder Support

Clear direction outlines compliance tiers for UAA's online environments. Everyone should know what is expected in terms of standards for web accessibility.

Support for advancing web accessibility at UAA comes from:

  • Chancellor's Cabinet (UAA Web Standards Project)
  • Campus Diversity and Compliance (Stakeholder Support)
  • Disability Support Services (Web Pros, GOALS, State of AK Training, External Reviews, Intern Project and Service Based Learning)
  • Diversity Action Council (Stakeholder Support and External Reviews)
  • Faculty Senate Diversity Committee (Stakeholder Support)
  • Information Technology (Web Pros, GOALS, Design of Accessible Custom Elements)
  • Student Affairs (Funding for Marketing and Evaluation of Accessibility Effort)
  • University Advancement (Web Pros, GOALS)

2) Training and Technical Assistance

Collaborative training opportunities, rich resource materials, and technical assistance from the ground up provides the structure needed to go from standards to practice.

3) Evaluation and Compliance 

Self monitoring as well as external end user reviews are necessary to make sure practices are effective in meeting needs.