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Little changes make a big difference when creating documents.

Reading material that has proper electronic text and appropriate structural tags can be read out loud, quickly searched, and navigated with ease. Video or audio files that have captions or transcripts can be accessed by those who can't hear, or those without speakers, or those in noisy environments, and adds the bonus that the files are more likely to come up in search engines.

Whether you are using Word, or PowerPoint, Excel, or Adobe...

whether you are creating handouts or forms or videos...

if there is content that you are creating, you need to know about best practices.

Tutorials are available to guide content creators through the design of materials using best practices such as:


  • Making PDFs searchable and more accessible
  • Making Forms Fillable
  • Captioning or Subtitling Video
  • Making websites universal

It is often also helpful for those who are designing content to learn more about user experiences.