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Accessible Course Design

There are many reasons why a person may be interested in accessible course design.

Both educators and students have a vital interest in the usability of learning materials.


Course facilitators who are interested in making sure information itself - handouts, etc are accessible to and usable by a diverse student populations, may benefit from learning more about best practices for content creators.

Facilitators may also benefit from workshops and training offered through CAFE, AIEL, HR and Disability Support Services or from examples in the UAA showcase.

Students who are interested in learning environments that support their individual needs and may benefit from computer user tips and tricks that provide greater flexibility. For example, students can use free programs to listen as websites or documents are read outloud and can use dictation software or other techniques to complete assignments in ways that are more effective.

Videos and sites that share the student perspective can help to illuminate the need for accessible course design.

Student and Faculty Perspectives

From Where I Sit video series

The "From Where I Sit" video series created by the California State University System Accessible Technology Initiative features 8 different students answering each of 5 questions with faculty responses included.