Home Modifications for Aging in Place

  • September 30
  • 10:15 AM - 11: 45 AM, Rooms 11 & 12
  • Presenters: Linni Esther and Sara Boesser

Session Abstract

To help people of any age or ability address their aging in place concerns, SAIL (Southeast Alaska Independent Living, Inc.) has created a new program called HomeMAP: Home Modifications for Aging in Place. Anyone can request a HomeMAP survey to help them meet their own needs or those of family and friends who may come to visit or stay a while.

Thinking ahead, planning ahead, and being proactive with homes and assistive devices is what makes aging in place possible. Taking the time to imagine what will best serve us and those we love now or in the future, and mapping out a way to address those specific needs, is what HomeMAP is all about.

SAIL's HomeMAP team is made up of Sara Boesser, retired City of Juneau's Chief Building Inspector and Juneau's ADA specialist, and Linni Esther, an Independent Living Specialist. The process entails an interview and home survey with a requesting individual. The SAIL team then produces a HomeMAP report that is specific to that person’s particular concerns. Using Universal Design and ADA as guides, the report often includes minor home alteration or remodeling suggestions; and from the field of independent living, assistive devices, products, and community services are often recommended.