Making the Most of Microsoft Office

The Microsoft Enable site features tutorials, demonstrations, guides, and more.

Did you know:

  • The ribbon quick start menu can be customized
  • Voice recognition allows users to dictate into office programs
  • Excel can read cell values out loud on enter or by row or column
  • Pressing the alt key shows the keys for features in the Ribbon

screenshot showing the Microsoft Enable website

Free Extras for Office

WordTalk is a free plugin for Word that reads documents out loud.

PowerTalk is a free program that opens and reads PowerPoint Presentations.

Making the Most of Adobe PDF

 Adobe Reader

  • Display settings can be highly modified
  • PDF documents can be read out loud in a choice of voices
  • Text can be magnified the reflowed to fit a single page

This tutorial outlines the accessibility features of Adobe reader (large file size - 4 MB)