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UAA alumni live, work and engage with communities in each of the 50 states and across the globe. Hear the amazing stories of impressive UAA alumni in our "I am UAA" story series. Read the most recent profiles below, and visit the Green and Gold website for a complete list of all our amazing 'I Am UAA' alumni stories.

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Amazing Stories from the University of Alaska Anchorage

In the courtroom and in the clouds
Mark Skolnick is a seriously busy man. He's a full-time lawyer, as well as a UAA flight instructor with a penchant for midnight flights. But whether his day is in the courtroom or in the clouds, he's always home in the evenings for family time (on top of juggling two careers, he's also a father of three).
Ask a geologist
Is this a meteorite? Was that an earthquake? Can I still make a living as a gold miner in Alaska? All day long, UAA alumnus Greg Durocher fields the nation's pressing geology questions for USGS, answering phone calls, emails and Facebook posts from across the country.
Caffeinating the Student Union
When Katey isn't helping fuel UAA with delicious coffee from Union Station Cafe in the Student Union, she's busy working her way toward a degree in social work.
Hungary-born anthropologist strives to preserve Sugpiaq culture
Medeia Csoba DeHass' desire to be an anthropologist ignited in the living room of her home in Hungary in the 1980s and brought her around the world to Alaska, where she studies the impact of Russian Orthodoxy on Sugpiaq and other Alaska Native cultures.
From Kodiak to the capital of comedy
Charlie Madsen—a theater alumnus—is now house manager at iO Theater, a landmark institution on the Chicago comedy scene known for its own string of successful alumni like Farley, Fey, Poehler and Sudeikis.
Two-time Olympian starts senior ski season
Students miss class for thousands of reasons, but few excuses are as memorable as Anna Berecz's. The ski team senior took off mid-semester last year to compete in the Winter Olympics for Team Hungary. Her professors, thankfully, were among her many supporters.
December grad: Commencement speaker Duke Kahumoku
With an antsy 4-year-old and a newborn to distract him his first semester, this non-traditional student could have readily returned to the workforce. Instead, Duke persevered, playing an active role on campus and reaching graduation in four years.
December grad: Jessica Osgood heads to career job in Nome
Want some inspiration? Visit with this December graduate in business marketing for a fast survey of what one committed person can accomplish professionally and academically in just five years.
December grad: Veteran Chris Almryde bids farewell to Student Union
2014 was a big year for Chris—his wife had their second baby while they were selling their house... during finals week. And that’s just April. After eight years of steady effort, this Army vet and AmeriCorps alum has finally reached graduation day.
December grad: Irene Hilliard on overcoming obstacles
Irene Hilliard can teach us all a little something about overcoming obstacles. This December grad has gotten creative in the way she makes time to exercise and how she affords tuition. She's also made UAA her home away from home. Her advice? Engulf yourself in the college experience.