Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence

The Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence (CAFE) is a colleague-to-colleague teaching and learning center that promotes excellence and innovation in teaching, research, creative activity and engagement in an atmosphere of collegiality. CAFE offers workshops, events and other assistance to faculty on all five UAA campuses.


Mark Your Calendars!

Join us for a performance on BULLYING IN ACADEMIA.  Sponsored by the Provost's Office, UNAC and CAFE.  
Friday September 19 - Responding to Toxic Behavior in Departments:  Next Steps?  Interactive Theatre Presentation
Arts 150 11:30 am - 1:30 pm  - Repeats 10/3 10-12 pm LIB 307(no registration necessary)

Alaska Native Ways of Teaching & Learning Faculty Learning Community - APPLY NOW   Deadline Friday 9/19 5pm




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