Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence

The Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence (CAFE) is a colleague-to-colleague teaching and learning center that promotes excellence and innovation in teaching, research, creative activity and engagement in an atmosphere of collegiality. CAFE offers workshops, events and other assistance to faculty on all five UAA campuses.


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Robert Foster Cherry Award for Great Teaching
The Robert Foster Cherry Award for Great Teaching to "honor outstanding classroom communicators while bringing some of the best teachers in the English-speaking world to the Baylor University campus." The Cherry Award bestows a $250,000 prize to the award recipient with an additional $25,000 to his or her home department. Several finalists and their respective universities also receive a monetary prize. This award is geared to faculty teaching in undergraduate programs and the discipline taught must be a discipline that is also offered at Baylor. Attached is a list of Baylor's undergraduate majors by college/school.
Deadline November 3, 2014.

Friday, October 31, 2014  10 - 11:00 am Room Changed to RH 204  (Register Here)

Faculty Experiences in Rural Alaska: Sharing New Understandings


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