September 2014

Alaska Airlines Center, Freshmen Convocation and Campus Kick-Off

Alaska Airlines Center, Freshmen Convocation and Campus Kick-Off


Dear Community,

Welcome to the 2014-2015 academic year! This is a very exciting time at UAA. Over the last 10 years, our campuses have been transformed with new buildings, including those on our Anchorage campus—the ConocoPhillips Integrated Science Building, Health Sciences Building, and, Friday, the new Alaska Airlines Center opens with a week filled with activities.

Health and Engineering Bridge

The Engineering & Industry Building is nearing completion and this winter you will see a bridge go up across Providence Drive, linking it with the Health Sciences Building.

UAA is more than new buildings. It is also dedicated faculty and staff working to help our students reach their dreams. How do we do this? With innovations like our new E-Catalog, one-stop online advising page and great support for our veteran and military students! Our talented faculty provide mentorship and support, leading to student contributions to nationally recognized research projects and students receiving national and international awards, including two Fulbrights last year.

Most importantly, from my perspective, is our unwavering commitment to a safe environment and diverse and respectful campus community. We are a community of people who support one another.

    My advice to students as you begin this year:

  • Stay focused on your goals.
  • Stay in touch with faculty.
  • Get involved in clubs, attend Seawolf athletic competitions, theater and music events and lectures and discussions.
  • If you're stressed or depressed, talk to someone. Counselors in Student Health and Counseling, Residence Life, Student Life and Leadership and advisors throughout the campus are here to support you. Just ask.
  • Be safe! Don't drink and drive, and make sure your friends don't, either! At UAA, safety is everyone's business.