UAA eTech Fair for Distance Ed Week: Nov. 11-15th 2013

Just drop-in! No preregistration required.

Door prizes will be given out to selected  participants from each session who complete the evaluation survey!  (Door  prizes donated by: UAA IT Services, College of Education, College of Health, Disability Support Services, Kenai Peninsula College, Kodiak College, School of Nursing)

Prepare ahead of time to join online sessions via Blackboard Collaborate: 

  1. Use the System Test to check your system requirements and configure your system. We recommend you do this at least one day priorto the event so you can get help if needed.
  2. View the Collaborate Getting Started for Participants or Online Orientation video, so you will be able to effectively participate in the live session.
  3. If you are still having issues you can call the UAA IT CallCenter at (907) 786-4646.

Join session by choosing the title of the session about 10-15 minutes prior your session(s) of choice and check your audio before session start time.

Monday 11/11                                       

11:00 am

Cindy Trussell
PH.D., Associate Professor of Biology, Kodiak College

Debbi Canavan    eLearning Instructional Specialist, Kodiak College

Recorded Webinar: VoiceThread: Multimedia Discussions
Now you can provide more engaging online, asynchronous conversations with and among students using the VoiceThread tool. VoiceThread is an interactive presentation and discussion tool that can showcase a variety of files, media, and images.  Users can interact via microphone,  webcam, text, phone, or audio-files.  Come experience the possibilities for your courses. (Preview information about VT at

1:00 pm

Margie Draskovich, RN, MPH, MS
Associate Professor, UAA School of Nursing, Kodiak Campus


Recorded Webinar: Blended Course Delivery Successes
Selecting content that works well for courses that have    both asynchronous (online) and synchronous (videoconferencing) components can be challenging.  This type of delivery can be a great way to address the    various learning styles among your students when the activities are structured to make the most of each method of delivery. This forum will present some successful examples and we welcome you to share your own as well.

2:00 pm

Sarah Frick
Instructional    Designer,
Faculty Technology Center

Recorded Webinar: Learning on the Edge: Faculty Technology Center 
The innovative staff at the FTC is leading the way for UAA in current research on course quality and technology    trends in higher education. All the buzz: from MOOC's, multimedia, distance delivery, digital credentials, quality standards, gamification and online learning communities. Learn about FTC's current projects and find out you can be involved and what we can do for you.

Tuesday  11/12            

11:00 am

Lara Madden
Instructional    Designer, Faculty Technology Center

Recorded Webinar: ePortfolios at UAA
Come and check out the UAA ePortfolio Showcase. Hear about the upcoming ePortfolios Initiative gearing up for Spring 2014 and find out how you can get your department and students involved.

1:00 pm

Tina Coulston Instructional    Designer,
School of Nursing  & Marissa Beninati
Simulation Technology Specialist, College of Health

Recording with WolfLync
Learn how to use Wolflync for pre-recording, synchronous recording, publishing and sharing lectures and meetings. Capture documents, programs, presentations    and more using Microsoft Lync as your screen recording tool.  Make short tutorials and lectures to share via email or post in your course online.

2:00 pm

Susan Mircovich,
Assistant Professor of Chemistry,  KPC; Kathi Baldwin,
Instructional Designer ,Title III, UAS Sitka& Mary Purvis, Director, Title III, UAS Sitka

Recorded Webinar: Blackboard Catalyst Exemplary Course Award OPEN HOUSE! Come and see how two UA online courses won the   Bb Catalyst award. Take a look at the course structure, organization and special features that made each course a winner. Bring any questions. Designers/instructors will be there to talk about how you too can be a winner.


Wednesday 11/13                          

11:00 am

Kitty Deal, Assistant    Professor of Education, Kodiak College &
Debbi Canavan
eLearning Instructional Specialist, Kodiak College

Recorded Webinars: Interactive Rubrics in Blackboard
Interactive Blackboard rubrics can be used    with the Discussion Board forums and assignments within Blackboard.  Rubrics simplify and clarify grading expectations and feedback, reducing time spent on writing feedback and on answering student questions. Learn how to set up rubrics in your Blackboard courses, reuse them in other courses, or    share them with colleagues.

2:00 pm

Tina Coulston,    Instructional Designer, School of Nursing

Recorded Webinar: Course Banners and Image Editing Made Easy
Learn to edit images and create banners to use in your Blackboard course using familiar and easy to use tools. Why do Design and Aesthetics Matter?

3:00 pm

Clair Kochis , Cheryl Siemers, and Janice High with Kenai Peninsula College.

Recorded Webinar: Open-Access Developmental English and Math Courses
This session is an overview of the free open-access    developmental English and Mathematics courses that have been developed under a federal grant targeting individuals who qualify for workforce retaining under the TAA (Trade Adjustment Assistance) Program. These courses are    designed to be completely self-paced modules in developmental English and Mathematics, integrating contextualized content to bolster success for those    individuals who seek to retrain in the AES (Architectural and Engineering Services) programs. At the same time, these courses are also providing an alternative to paying for and completing developmental courses for any individuals who would like to enter a college program prepared for college    level coursework in math and English. 


Thursday 11/14                                

10:00 am

Katie Walker,Instructional    Designer, College of Education

Recorded Webinar: Teaching and Learning with Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing   Participants will practice basic techniques for building community in an online synchronous class meeting. Blackboard Collaborate will be UAA’s web conferencing solution (replacing Elive) this  spring.

1:00 pm

Sarah Frick, Instructional    Designer, Faculty Technology Center

Recorded Webinar: Video Captioning Solutions in online courses
As multimedia and video usage increase in our course material offerings, so does the need for those video to be closed captioned. Captions improve usability for learners, and can improve your search engine results. This workshop will    introduce concepts and show you some easy tips for finding and creating closed captioning for your online course lecture captures and other videos in your course.

3:00 pm

Lee Henrikson
Instructional Designer, Beyond Anchorage Workforce Development Grant,    CTC

Recorded Webinar: Using Understanding by Design to Develop Courses
Understanding by Design (UBD) provides a simple framework for developing courses.  After an overview of the UBD framework, we will focus on what we expect students to learn and how to structure those expectations around Big Ideas.  You will come away from the workshop with a draft Big Idea for a course.


Friday 11/15                                                                  

10:00 am

Jeanette Renaudineau
Instructional Designer/Developer,
Faculty Technology Center & Wayne Todd
Instructional Designer,
Faculty Technology Center

Games and Gamification for Teaching and Learning
Description: Join us to discuss a growing    trend of incorporating games and game elements in the higher education classroom. We will discuss the rationale behind gaming in teaching and learning, as well as provide some practical ideas for adding game elements to your course.

11:00 am

Julie Fronzuto
Associate Professor of Biology, PWSCC &
Don Bickley

Innovation & Creative Coordinator, PWSCC

Recorded Webinar: Critical Thinking within Virtual Labs
Learn how students develop & demonstrate critical thinking skills within PWSCC’s virtual wet lab environments.

12:00 pm

Lara Madden
Instructional    Designer, Faculty Technology Center & Scott Ready of Blackboard.

Recorded Webinar: What’s new in Blackboard Spring 2014
We are excited to be able to bring this longstanding upgrade to Blackboard this Spring.  Most exciting:    Inline Grading, New Test Deployment features, Video Anywhere, updated    Discussion Board interface, integrated Collaborate features and thankfully the updated and functional New Text Editor!

1:00 pm

Marissa Beninati

Simulation Technology Specialist College of Health

Synchronizing Calendars

Do you keep a calendar on your work computer, home computer,  iPad, & iPhone….and none of them match? You are not alone! Calendars help you keep track of what you're doing and when. It’s great to stay connected and organized whether you are checking your calendar from your desktop’s Outlook Calendar, your iPhone, or iPad. This session will cover some organization steps to keep your devices synchronized whether you sync it via iCloud, Google Calendar, Microsoft, or something else.

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