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The Career & Technical Education department provides pathways for students to become leaders by connecting their technical training and experience with leadership and managerial skills, and opportunities for teacher certification in CTE. We are glad you've taken the first step of seeking information to further your education.

Do you find yourself in any of these situations:

  • I am on my way to becoming a journey-person. How can I earn college credit for completing my apprenticeship?
  • I've earned a substantial number of technical credits or an Associate of Applied Sciences degree. How can I apply those credits to a Bachelor of Science degree?
  • I want to build on my career and technical education or workforce development experience and education. How can I apply it to a Master of Science degree?
  • I am a teacher or trainer in a technical field. What professional development opportunities are available for me?
  • How can I earn credentials that will help me make a difference?

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Blueprint for CTE Center of Excellence

The Alaska Career and Technical Education Plan was published in 2010 as a collaborative project by the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development, the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development, and the University of Alaska.

The plan lays out six strategies for a “comprehensive, integrated career and technical education system” that prepares Alaskans of all ages for careers in Alaska.

Strategy 4 concerns the recruitment, development, support and retention of high-quality career and technical education teachers.

The UAA Career and Technical Education Department (CTED) responded to the call. As the only educational program in Alaska specifically dedicated to the preparation of CTE teachers, trainers, and leaders, CTED is uniquely positioned to make a significant contribution to the implementation and success of the Alaska CTE Plan.

CTED proposes to train more qualified teachers, and to expand its role in the areas of curriculum development, research, and CTE advocacy. In doing this, CTED’s goal is to become a Center of Excellence for Career and Technical Education, a primary CTE resource for the State of Alaska.

This plan is described in the Center of Excellence Blueprint: The CTED Plan for Alaska Workforce Development. This document guides our planning and decision making as we move forward to contribute to the successful implementation of the Alaska Career and Technical Education Plan.



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The Career & Technical Education department is committed to providing quality professional development opportunities for in-service teachers and faculty, counselors, and administrators to enhance their skills. Visit our Professional Development site for more information.