Student Proctor Form

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IMPORTANT!! Please make sure you select all courses that require proctoring and make sure the courses you select are the courses you are enrolled in. Check your syllabus for details on whether or not your course is proctored.


If your exam site is not on the list above, please use the Alternate Proctor Form.

Most distance education instructors conduct mid-semester and final exams through a proctor. A proctor is a person who administers (and validates the authenticity of) an exam in place of the regular course instructor. Proctored exams generally require students to travel to a special testing site that is located somewhere within their vicinity.

Because it may be possible that your distance education course will require you to take a proctored mid-semester and/or final exam, our office will need to know which of the following exam sites you will be testing at, in the event that a proctored exam turns out to be a necessary part of your course. Please check the box next to the exam site that falls within the vicinity of your own physical location. If none of the listed sites falls within your general area, then you will need to print and fill out the hard copy version of the form and mail it back to our office.

Always check with your course instructor to find out whether or not a proctored mid-semester and/or final exam will be required of you. Selecting one of the options below does not necessarily mean that your course will entail taking a proctored mid-semester and/or final exam.

Finally, by submitting this form, you are permitting the UAA Distance Education office to distribute your name (first & last) to the approved proctor sites.