Internship Opportunities for Students

Please read internship announcements and we will update as new opportunities come in!

Summer Internship Opportunity with Title VII Indian Education Department, Anchorage School District 

Puqigtut II-Smart People! is an online course program for Alaska Native and American Indian ASD high school students to earn credit over the summer semester (June 3rd - July 19th). Puqigtut II offers online courses in core subject areas (Social Studies, English, Math, Science and Health/PE) blended with face-to-face time with Puqigtut II coordinators, tutors, and teachers at smart sessions. Smart sessions are Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10 AM-2 PM and Tuesdays, Thursdays from 2-6 PM at the ASD Education Center on Northern Lights Blvd and Boniface Ave. 

UAA interns would provide direct service to Puqigtut II students taking online courses. They would become familiar with ASD's course management system and curriculum; have opportunities to work with and assist certified teachers; and provide a positive role model and example of educational success for our students. 

Aside from the 120 hours of smart session support opportunities between June 3rd and July 19th, the Title VII department can offer opportunities to engage with other programs within the Department (Summer Enrichment Program, admin and program support). Duties will range from direct services for students; inventory materials and library; developing promotional flyers, brochures, newsletters; organize distribution materials; making contact and connections with parents and families (phone calls) and other duties as assigned. 

This is a great opportunity to work with students and families in summer educational programs in ASD. Quyana for your consideration. Please contact Karen Phillip, 742-4447 if interested or if you have any questions.

Alaska Innocence Project

The Alaska Innocence Project is an Alaska-based non-profit corporation that provides legal, educational, and charitable services to identify and exonerate individuals who have been wrongfully convicted in the state of Alaska and to provide educational opportunities that foster a culture that champions the defense of the innocent. Prior to its formation, individuals wrongfully convicted in Alaska could turn to the dedicate staff of the Innocence Project Northwest Clinic at the University of Washington School of Law for assistance; however, workload has forced that project to turn down requests from inmates in Alaska. To fill this need, a dedicated group of criminal attorneys, investigators, and concerned individuals banded together to form the Alaska Innocence Project. Students in this internship will be involved in investigating cases of wrongful conviction and helping to prepare the cases for Court. For more information, Contact Bill Oberly, 907-279-0454 or

Cohousing Intern Needed

Anchorage Cohousing is a new group that is working to bring cohousing to Anchorage. They would like to have a PADM intern work with them. This internship will meet the PADM internship requirement of the Public Administration Master Program. Please contact Sheila Selkregg (830 5653 or ) or Judy Owens-Manley (786-4087 or if you are interested in serving as the intern for this program. You may also want to attend an upcoming meeting at the Anchorage Museum on Cohousing on November 16, 6:30-8:00 pm if you are interested. 

Museum Intern Needed

The Anchorage Museum is interested in a student intern to prepare educational programming and materials for the new Body Worlds Vital exhibit opening September 28, 2012. If interested, contact: Monica Garcia,

Intern Needed for Market Research

Calista Heritage Foundation is a 501c3 scholarship organization serving Calista shareholders and descendants. They are interested in student interns for market research projects. Interested students can contact Debra Call at or (907)279-5516   

Interns for Alaska Youth for Environmental Action (AYEA)

** Curriculum development **

Interns could compile and organize our piles of workshops and activities into a training curriculum binder with resources on environmental education, political education, leadership training, etc. The interns would develop skills in curriculum development, environmental educational theory and practice, and design skills.

** Issue research and campaign planning **

Interns could research opportunities for a youth-led campaign to influence policy around salmon and local food issues, compiling contacts, project ideas, and issue background resources. This would set up AYEA for success in future campaign efforts. The interns would gain skills in researching environmental issues, designing educational materials, and developing a successful advocacy campaign.

** Outreach and training (spring semester) **

Interns could take a lead role in planning and organizing AYEA's Civics & Conservation Summit, a 5-day leadership training in Juneau Alaska (may coincide with UAA's spring break). The interns would outreach to youth around Alaska, support them in applying and finding funding, as well as organize issue resources, set up meetings with legislators, and help lead educational sessions in Juneau. The interns would develop skills in understanding the legislative process, influencing environmental policy change, event planning, organizing logistics, and working with teens.

** Other project possibilities include program evaluation, fundraising, outreach, and more!

For more information: Please contact Megan McBride, AYEA Program Manager, 907-339-3907 or

The Alaska Native Arts Foundation is seeking one intern or volunteer to work flexible hours.

Established in 2002, Alaska Native Arts Foundation is a 501©3 non-profit organization in Anchorage dedicated to be art consultants to our customers and stewards to our artists. ANAF brings Alaska Native art to the global marketplace by increasing awareness of the cultural expressions of Alaska's indigenous peoples and stimulate demand for Alaska Native art.ANAF represents over 1,100 Alaska Native artists and offers an inventory of over 2,000 unique products online and in the Anchorage gallery. The intern will assist ANAF in telling the story about our artists and their art work by writing biographies and post online. To accomplish this, an intern would call or email artists and ask five questions. A majority of artists live in rural communities across Alaska.

Contact: Trina Landlord, Alaska Native Arts Foundation, 500 W. 6th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501 at 907-258-2623.

Intern needed with National Park Service-Rivers Trails and Conservation Assistance program

See for more information about our program in general. All of our projects engage communities at various levels. One area of expertise we are looking for is web design, graphic layout/mapping assistance, and social media development. One group wants to develop an interactive website, with maps, information, resources, etc., including an interactive way to submit public comments on proposed water trail sites and resources. Someone with mapping experience could also assist with google earth and ocean tours, which the group wants to put up on the web. There is interest in considering more use of social media as well.
Lisa Holzapfel, Program Manager 
907-644-3586 phone

Intern for Alaska Native Education Program - Cultural Enrichment

The Title VII Indian Education program of the Anchorage School District is seeking a creative and self-motivated student intern to assist with cultural enrichment initiatives. This intern will work with the Cultural Enrichment Specialist (CES) at Title VII to assist program staff and Anchorage School District educators in their support of Alaska Native and American Indian students. The intern will collaborate with the CES on cultural awareness projects, professional development trainings, event coordination, social networking, research and dissemination of information. Please send a brief statement of interest to Lauren Shutt <> or call 742-7867 with any questions.

REAP (Renewable Energy Alaska Project) Intern needed

Student intern needed to develop a Bio-Mass Toolkit and/or work with graphic design needs for marketing and educational materials. Contact Stephanie Nowers at or 907.929.7770(office)

Intern or Research Project for Covenant House 

Covenant House could use an intern both for transitional living programs with youth in crisis and/or for research needs with their program. Contact Alison Kear at (907) 339-4407.  

Intern for Best Beginnings

A Reading to our Children program that engages families with English, Spanish, and Yupik materials. Best Beginnings organizes hundreds of premieres of a film that is shown along with books for each family and a campaign for community engagement. Contact Barbara Brown, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 907-297-3300. 

Intern for Anchorage Youth Court

The Youth Court is a 501 (c) 3 that conducts classes at 6 area schools 3 times each year taught by legal professionals. Students participate on a Board that has 12 youth and 12 adults. Youth receive continuing legal education during their year of participation, are sworn in, and can attend Bar Association meeting.   An intern could be active with marketing materials, brochures, assisting with using social media to reach students. Contact Ashley Lutes, Phone: (907) 274-5986

Green Star Intern

Participate with "green agency" in tracking energy use and assisting businesses in going green. Green Star Director, Kim Kovol,  

Internship idea for small family farm in Palmer

We are a small family farm, but are interested in reducing CO2 and involving young people in Agriculture. We have been collecting horse manure from the Anchorage hillside in an attempt to reduce runoff, landfill issues and utilize the many agricultural values. Please call if you have an interest in this or other projects we have underway. Bill Longbrake, Country Garden Farms.
(907) 344-2088 Anchorage
(907) 745-0800 Mat-Su Valley