New Faculty Evaluation Guidelines (for UNAC faculty reviews starting Fall 2014)

New Faculty Evaluation Guidelines (PDF) (MS Word) - April 28, 2014 Version - "Policies and Procedures for the Evaluation of Faculty for Tenure, Promotion, Post-Tenure Review and Hiring"

February 22, 2013 Memo from Provost Baker clarifying the adoption timeline and grandfathering

June 6, 2012 Adoption Memo from Provost Driscoll

Existing Faculty Evaluation Guidelines
(for UAFT and grandfathered UNAC reviews)

Chapter III, Faculty Handbook - "UAA Policies and Procedures Relating to Appointment, Review, Promotion and Tenure"




Faculty Evaluation Process Dates

UNAC - from UNAC CBA 2011-13 
(includes 2013-14 evaluations)

UNAC - from UNAC CBA 2014-16 
(for evaluations starting Fall 2014)

(date sheet from CBA)
UNAC Flowchart - from UNAC CBA 2014-16
(for evaluations starting Fall 2014)
UAFT Flowchart