Types of Financial Aid

These are the types of financial aid available for
University of Alaska Anchorage students:



Federal Grants

Other Grants

Federal Loans

Alternative Loans

Private or alternative loans typically have less stable interest rates and rely upon credit reports — unlike federal student loans.

Graduate or Professional Students


Department Awards

Tuition Awards are awarded by many different departments and programs throughout the University. Please contact the department for which you would like to be considered for a tuition waiver or for more information. To be eligible for tuition awards, students must:

  • Be admitted into a degree or certificate program
  • Meet satisfactory academic progress requirements
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.0 for an graduate program, 2.8 for school and college awards for undergraduate students and 2.5 for administrative waivers for undergraduate students
  • Have tuition charges for Anchorage campus courses

Combinations of tuition waivers or other payments that only cover tuition will not exceed the total amount charged to the student.

Employee Tuition Awards

Employee tuition awards are handled solely with Accounting Services. Please contact them for more information regarding requirements and forms for employees

Veterans Benefits

University of Alaska College Savings Plan