The Graduate School

The Graduate School is here for all graduate students.  This website provides students with important information on the different graduate degree programs, resources available and thesis/dissertation information.


Apply for Admission to UAA

A student interested in obtaining a graduate degree will begin the degree-seeking application process below.  Completion of the on-line application will expedite your admission process; however, paper applications are also available.

  • Start by visiting the Admissions web page to learn the process, programs offered and requirements.
  • Apply on the UAOnline web site,
    • Pay admission application fee - be ready with your credit card
    • You'll need a printer to print the confirmation page at the end of the online application.
  • Once you apply for admission you will be assigned a student ID number. If you do not know your ID,  look it up.
    •  Note: If you have never logged into UAOnline before, your default PIN is your date of birth in the format MMDDYY. Six numbers, no dashes or spaces, you're just dropping the '19' off the year. For example, if your date of birth was January 1, 1980 your PIN would be 010180. If you have logged into UAOnline before, your PIN is whatever six character/digit password you set for yourself after your initial login.
Determine How You Will Pay For Graduate School

The Office of Student Financial Aid participates in Federal TITLE IV programs. These are the Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), Federal College Work Study, Federal Stafford Loan, and Federal Parent Loan Programs. In addition we participate in the State of Alaska Supplemental Education Loan (ASEL, formerly Alaska State Student Loan) program. UAA also has a large number of scholarships and tuition waivers each having unique eligibility requirements.

It is important to request financial aid as soon as possible (process can take up to 8 weeks). You will not receive financial aid until you are admitted.

Apply for On-Campus Housing or Find Other Housing in the Anchorage Area
On-Campus Housing

Students taking 9 or more credits wishing to live on campus are encouraged to apply early as spaces fill up quickly.

  • This is a three-step process; current rates and applications are available on-line at
  • Contact UAA Housing at (907) 751-7200 for more information.
Off Campus Housing

Apartment Finder

Craig's List

Identify your UAA Student ID, Username/Password and UAA E-mail Address
  • To find out your username go to the Information Technology Services web site at, use the username look-up function in the bottom left-hand corner.
  • To access your UAA e-mail account, login to Google. This account can be used for personal and school related business; UAA will only use this address to inform you of any university wide news (i.e. closures, etc.). It is important to know that you are responsible for communication sent to your e-mail account by the university. If you have a personal address that you prefer, please forward your UAA e-mail.
Contact Your Graduate Program Adviser

Contact your graduate program adviser to set up an appointment prior to registering for classes.  The adviser will assist you in selecting the appropriate course schedule leading toward satisfying your degree requirement.  The adviser's contact information was listed in your letter of acceptance.


Registering for classes is now done on-line.  No more standing in the long registration lines that used to take hours of your time.  Now you can register from the comfort of your own home in your jammies and slippers.  The weblink is provided for you here as well as a brief explanation.

Pay For Classes

Pay on time so that you are not dropped from your classes. The payment deadline for each semester and payment options are posted in the class schedule booklet. If you have questions about your account call (907) 786-1458.  To pay online once again, visit UAOnline.

Purchase Your Books
Textbooks become available generally one to two weeks before classes begin. The UAA Bookstore's regular hours are Monday-Thursday 8:30 a.m. - 7 p.m. and Friday 8:30 a.m.- 6 p.m. You can also reserve your textbooks online You can call the UAA Bookstore at 786-1151 during business hours for personal assistance
Purchase Your Parking Permit

If you plan to drive a vehicle to the University, you will need a Parking permit. Parking permits can be purchased online at The Permit Store. For more information, please contact parking services at (907) 786-1119.

Get your WolfCard

Your WolfCard is your UAA identification card. The initial card is free to current students and gives you access to many campus facilities and services. This ID card also serves as a debit card (Wolfbucks) that can be used around campus for vending machines, washing machines, concession stands, etc. The WolfCard Office is located in the University Center, call 786-HOWL for more information or check out their web site at

Identify Blackboard (Bb)  Login and do the on-line tutorial

Online classes are available through the web via Blackboard. Students will find out from their instructor whether the course will use Blackboard. Students might use Blackboard to download materials, upload assignments, collaborate with others, take tests, and view grades.

Pick Up Your Copy of the University Catalog on CD
Students admitted to UAA receive a coupon for a free university catalog on CD.  This coupon is redeemable at Enrollment Services located in the University Center. Catalogs on CD may also be purchased from the Campus Bookstore located in the southwest corner of the Student Union. An online version of the catalog may be viewed or downloaded here.
Pick Up Your Copy of the UAA Fact Finder Student Handbook

The University of Alaska Anchorage Fact Finder Student Handbook provides students with information on all campus resources and services. This publication is free to all students and can be picked up at numerous locations around campus. An online version of the Student Handbook is available on the Student Affairs web site.

Update Your Address With The University After You Arrive At UAA

Once you arrive at UAA, it is important to update your address with the university so that you can receive important notices, etc. To update your address and/or phone number:

  • Go to UA Online, click on "personal information," click on "update address & phone,"
  • Update the information and submit. You may have different addresses for mailing and billing.