Academic Policies At A Glance

This is a distillation of UAA Academic Policies regarding graduate students presented in an easy to read format.  The catalog page of the 2013-2014 UAA Catalog is included as an additional reference point.

Graduate Student Handbook 2013-2014


Dates and Deadlines

The Graduate School Calendar has salient dates for our students.  If you are sponsoring an event that would be of interest to our Graduate Students, please contact the Office of the Director of the Graduate School, Elisa Mattison.


Registration Wizard:

Step by step instructions will lead you through accessing and using UAOnline for the first time to register for classes.

If you have not attended UAA for two or more years but were previously admitted, use this process.


UAOnline is the online registration system for the University of Alaska. You can check your registration status, register for classes, and view your student records through this system.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Registration process. We have video tutorials on a variety of subjects.  If your question has not been answered, please contact the Graduate School or your Academic Advisor.

Office of the Registrar

Registrar's calendar


Continuous Registration 2014 - 2015

Continuous progress is expected every semester as appropriate for the graduate program, from admission through graduation, until all requirements for the degree are met. Check with your graduate program for their specific requirements. For example, students enrolled in graduate programs offering courses only in summer should be continuously registered for every Summer semester until degree requirements are completed. Students enrolling for Fall and Spring semesters are expected to enroll every fall and spring until requirements are completed.
To make Continuous Progress in their graduate program, students have the following options:

  • Registering for at least one graduate level credit applicable to their graduate degree, or
  • Paying the continuous registration fee (by registering for Extended Registration CRN) to remain active in the graduate program although not registered for any courses.
  • Adhere to the continuous registration policy established by the specific college, school or department. See your program advisor for details.
Students are also expected to register or pay the continuous registration fee for the summer if they use university facilities or consult with faculty during the semester.

The continuous registration fee may be paid during each semester's late registration period or in the Cashier's Office up until the end of late registration.

Extended Registration CRN's: 

College of Business & Public Policy A699:
Fall - 73201            
Spring -       
Summer -
College of Arts and Sciences A699:     
Fall -  73202            
Spring -   
Summer -       
College of Education A699:
Fall - 73203       
Spring -        
Summer -   
College of Health A699:
Fall -  73204       
Spring -     
Summer -   
School of Nursing  A699:
Fall - 73206    
Spring -               
Summer -           
College of Engineering A699:
Fall -  73207      
Spring -   
Summer -
Community and Technical College A699:
Fall -  73208 
Spring -
Summer -         
CoEng/Project Management A699:
Fall - 73205       
Spring -
Summer - N/A    



Leave of Absence

Students who need to temporarily suspend their studies must apply for a Leave of Absence through their adviser and committee chair.


Financing Your Graduate School Education

This MSN article gives you information on the subject of your rights as a student borrower.