Greek Standards of Excellence


Chapter members will present information to the review committee on these award categories and address each benchmark.  If the chapter is not currently meeting that benchmark, the chapter will discuss their  plans to accomplish this objective by April 5, 2013. 

Philanthropy and Service Award – to be completed by the Philanthropy Chair 

1.       Your chapter participates in a minimum of two (one per semester) community service/hands-on projects.

2.       Your chapter sponsors one philanthropy/fundraising project annually. 

3.       Your chapter participates in a minimum of two (one per semester) service or philanthropic projects/events sponsored by another chapter, student group or non-profit organization.

4.       Your chapter accurately completes their national Community Service/Philanthropy Report as determined by their national organization each semester.

5.       Your chapter has members who volunteer with service projects individually.


Scholarship Award – to be completed by the Scholarship Chair

1.       Your chapter has an appointed/elected Scholarship Officer.   

2.       Your chapter has a written scholarship program.

3.       Your chapter has a written new member academic program.

4.       Chapter improved or maintained their GPA from one semester to the next.  

5.        Your chapter has some members who have achieved a 3.3 semester GPA.

6.       Your chapter requires and enforces a minimum grade point average.

7.       Your chapter has conducted/attended at least one academic workshop.

8.       The chapter has an active faculty advisor (not including Greek Life staff).

9.       The chapter rewards members for achieving high scholarship by participating in a scholarship award program. 

Leadership Award – to be presented by a member of the Chapter’s Executive Committee

1.       Your chapter has an active Greek Council Representative. 

2.       A member of your chapter serves in an Executive Position on Greek Council. 

3.       Your chapter’s members are involved in campus organizations and related activities/programs outside of the Greek Community during the award period.  

4.       Your chapter has members who serve on a University-wide committee or leadership positions. 

5.       Your chapter sends a representative to your national convention, leadership school, and/or regional conferences. 

6.       Your chapter sponsors an all-chapter retreat annually. 

7.       Your chapter co-sponsors events with other chapters each semester. 

8.       The chapter establishes annual goals and evaluates their progress mid-year and year-end. 


Fraternal Values Award – to be completed by the Ritual, Social, and Education Chairs

1.       Your chapter elects an officer whose main responsibility is to educate the chapter about its fraternal values and ritual. 

2.        Your chapter has conducts at least one event each semester where the main focus is on ritual education (the values your ritual promotes) for the entire chapter (both new and initiated members). 

3.       Your chapter has at least one meeting per month that is formal. 

4.       Chapter utilizes a values based recruitment strategy. 

5.       Chapter hosts at least two Brotherhood/Sisterhood events per semester.