Raise the Bar

As an Honors student, you have chosen to raise the bar of your UAA education. You have chosen to be part of the Honors College because you wanted an integrated education that explored topics from a multidisciplinary perspective.  Your Honors classes have pushed your thinking beyond your textbooks, helping you make connections with each other and your community.  We encourage you to take your education to the next level by including an international experience into your degree. 

Be a Global Citizen 

The Honors College at UAA has a special commitment to service within your community.  We strive to educate students about their community, a community that exists beyond UAA, beyond Anchorage, and beyond the United States.  In today’s world, it is essential that a university teaches our students to be global citizens.  Every discipline is influenced and can benefit from a global perspective. 

International Opportunities at UAA

As Honors students, we encourage you to add an international component to your UAA education.  International Opportunities are open to all UAA students.  By studying abroad, taking part in an international exchange, or participating in an international internship, you will be creating a world class education.  You will be earning UAA credits towards your degree, while adding an international dimension to your education.  You will be able to study your major from an international perspective that will be invaluable as you enter into your career or graduate school. 

Imagine the opportunities: 

  • If you are a theater major, imagine studying in London where your theater classes involve going to performances every week

  • In Cologne, Germany, business students can take classes from some of Europe’s leading experts in international business

  • As an education and Spanish major, you can intern in a bilingual classroom in Mexico to enhance both your language and teaching

  • Pre-med students have the opportunity to intern at public and private clinics in South Africa, giving students the chance to apply their classroom knowledge to a clinical setting

  • In Panama, students have the opportunity to conduct research at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

The choice is yours….the world awaits you!

For more information visit:

UAA Office of International and Intercultural Affairs


UAA National Student Exchange