Applications are currently being accepted and will continue to be accepted until the positions are filled.

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Social Demography Intern

The Social Demography Intern will be responsible for extracting, managing, analyzing, and
presenting demographic data on Alaskan communities in the Kenai Peninsula. These data
will be used to build demographic profiles of communities dating back several decades in
order to assess changes in population size, distribution, and composition.
The Social Demography Intern will receive training in the analysis and presentation of
demographic data, including the use of population pyramids, densities, urban/rural ratios,
migration rates, sex ratios, occupational diversity indices, etc.
Candidates who have successfully finished coursework in demography, geography, research
methods, statistics, or other related areas are encouraged to apply. Experience with online
tools such as American FactFinder (U.S. Census Bureau) is a plus, as is a facility with
Microsoft Excel and statistical programs such as SPSS.

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Social Demography Intern Flyer


Socio-Economic Intern

The Socio-Economic Intern will contribute to a study of the economic values of the
different Kenai River fisheries that is part of an interdisciplinary project on the effects of
changing climate and land use on Kenai River salmon and fisheries. Applicants will be
expected to assist with gathering data and information for the period 1950 to the present

- Revenues from Kenai River fisheries;

- Employment in Kenai River fisheries;

- User numbers for Kenai River fisheries.

Applicants may also be expected to undertake a literature review on non-market valuation,
and to assist in the preparation and design of experimental economic approaches for this
Experience with econometric or quantitative social science methods; familiarity with MS
Word, MS Excel, and STATA (or other statistics software) preferred; an interest in salmon
fisheries for Alaskan communities helpful. An economics or social science major preferred.


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Socio-Economic Intern Flyer


Landscape Research Intern

The Landscape Research Intern will collect data and test methodology to detect, map, and
geo-visualize the dynamics of landscape changes in the Kenai test site. They will compile
geodatabases for used multi-temporal geospatial data: aerial photographs, multispectral
and RADAR satellite imagery, LIDAR points and GIS layers. Design GIS layers and maps and
write technical documentation, user guides and reports.
Position requires working knowledge of multispectral image classification, GIS data
compilation, analysis, and cartographic map design. Proficiency in using ArcGIS and image
classification software (ERDAS IMAGINE, PCI Geomatics, Hypercube, ENVI, or similar)


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Landscape Research Intern


Aquatic Ecology Intern

The Aquatic Ecology Intern will contribute to an interdisciplinary study on the effects
of changing climate and land use on the hydrology of the Kenai River watershed. Helping
technicians and graduate students collect field data necessary for measuring hydrological
discharge and water quality in tributaries of the Kenai River will be the primary
responsibility. The intern will gain lab experience maintaining and calibrating water flow
and water quality monitoring equipment and field experience measuring water flow and
water quality.
Experience with water quality instruments is preferred but not necessary as training will be
provided. Applicants must be able to manage data in spreadsheets and work independently
in the lab. An eagerness to hike long distances, work long days, endure inclement weather
and tolerate ravenous insects is essential. Since field work will be conducted on salmon
spawning streams, bear encounters will be routine. Successful candidates will be required
to successfully complete training in boat operation, gun/bear safety, wilderness survival,
first aid, and CPR.

To apply, go to, under "Advance Job Search", input position # 0066285,
then follow the steps to apply.

Aquatic Ecology Intern Flyer