The Global Change Student Research Grant Competition provides support to students for research related to global change with a focus on arctic and subarctic boreal regions (to include but not limited to North America). This competition is designed to give students experience with proposal writing and the peer review system as practiced by natural and social science funding agencies. We seek proposals involving the environmental, social or engineering components of global change (to include but not limited to climate change) and its effect upon arctic or subarctic processes, ecosystems, and/or societies. Students must place the proposed work in an interdisciplinary context by explaining its relevance to other academic disciplines and endeavors.

Please visit the Global Change Student Research Grant Competition website for more information on this competition and how to apply.

Competition Deadline:  TBD

Contact Susan Sugai by email at or by phone at 907-474-5415.

For general assistance to undergraduates in preparing proposals, contact:
UAA Office of Undergraduate Research at or 786-1086.