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Tara Smith

Tara Smith, M.Ed.
Interim Academic Coordinator
Office: SMH 125E
Phone: 786-6833
E-mail: tmsmith@uaa.alaska.edu


Tara Smith began teaching for UAA in the Community Education Program in 1997. She joined the College Preparatory & Developmental Studies department in 2001, where she is a tenured Associate Professor of ESL. She holds a B.A. in French Language and a Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language from Portland State University and a Master of Adult Education, Program & Curriculum Planning emphasis, from UAA. As the Interim Academic Coordinator of the LRC tutoring programs, she strives to improve and expand the tutoring resources and services provided at the LRC.


Kate Sanders

Kate Sanders Wright
LRC Night Supervisor
Office: SMH 130
Phone: 786-6827
E-mail: kswright3@uaa.alaska.edu


Kate Sanders Wright worked for various UAA departments for five years prior to joining the LRC in August of 2012. Kate holds dual B.A. degrees in Sociology and Interdisciplinary Studies: Gender Studies with minors in Political Science and Psychology from UAA. She is currently a graduate student in the Master of Public Administration program here at UAA. As the Night Supervisor, Kate provides evening shift supervision for the center and administrative support for the LRC team. 


Dan Bonin

Dan Bonin
Math Learning Specialist/Tutor Trainer
Office: SMH 121A
E-Mail: debonin@uaa.alaska.edu

In 2009, shortly after graduating from New Mexico Tech with dual B.S. degrees in Mathematics and Physics with an Atmospheric Physics option, Dan Bonin began working for the LRC as an athlete tutor in math and physics. In 2010 he began tutoring in the math lab and became the math learning specialist in 2011. As both an adjunct faculty member and math learning specialist, Dan tries to instill his enjoyment of mathematics into his students. His primary goal for the math lab is to help students transition away from anxiety about math towards a genuine interest in it.


Cameron Nay

Cameron Nay, MS
Writing Specialist/Tutor Trainer
Office: SMH 118A
Phone: 786-6918
E-Mail: cgnay@uaa.alaska.edu


Cameron Nay has been working with the Reading/Writing Center since October of 2010.  He has a Master of Science in Human Dimensions of Ecosystem Science and Management and earned his Bachelor of Science in Conservation and Restoration Ecology.  Both of Cameron's degree programs were research-based and focused heavily on scientific writing and analysis.  Aside from working as the writing specialist in the RWC, Cameron also teaches online environmental science classes.  He has lived and worked in various locations including Washington State, Utah, Hawaii and Portugal.  Cameron is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish and truly enjoys working with students who are acquiring a new language.