The LRC Open Computer Lab provides UAA students, faculty and staff access to both Macintosh & Windows workstations with high-speed Internet access for email, university website access and Internet access for research, news, and general use. The lab contains common software applications used for word processing, spreadsheets, publishing, and presentations. It is staffed by IT Services computer consultants to assist in answering students' computing questions.

IT Consultants

The Open Computer Lab's IT consultants are here to help.

  • Look up, create, and reset email username/passwords
  • Assist with logging into the lab stations
  • Provide assistance in using MS Office, and other applications
  • Answer common questions regarding resources at UAA
  • Answer questions about UAA Computer Systems and to provide information about systems and resource access

IT consultants are here to help students with short computing questions and tasks and to assist students in finding the right direction for their work by briefly walking through individual questions and computing conflicts. Consultants determine the amount of time spent assisting each student, particularly when others are waiting for help. Please do not ask a consultant for extended consultations on projects. Detailed consulting questions need to be addressed through other resources.

Summer 2014 Hours

LRC Open Computer Lab:

May 5 - Aug 2

Monday - Friday
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday

Closed: May 15 & 26,
July 3 & 4


Please call for
further information:

The LRC Open
Computer Lab is
located in SMH 111

Computer Services

Computers- Serviced by ITS, the LRC Open Computer Lab has 30 Windows and eight Macintosh workstations. Stations are accessible to all UAA students using their login and password and each is loaded with common software applications used for word processing, spreadsheets, publishing and presentations such as Microsoft Office and the Adobe Suite, as well as other course specific software

Scanner- The HP scanner is set up with Windows to allow students the ability to scan, edit and print their documents for text or artistic purposes. Please note that because only one station is connected to the scanner, students needing access to the scanner will have priority for that station.

Printing- The LRC Open Computer Lab has two black-and-white and one color printer available for student use. To print, students must log on to both a lab computer and the lab's Managed Print system using their UAA login, password, and WolfCard. All LRC printers are set up for double-sided printing. 

Each semester, $12 is placed on your WolfCard for Managed Print use. It cannot be used for any other purpose and will not roll over to the following semester. Additional printing money can be added to the WolfCard as needed through either the WolfCard Office or a value transfer station on campus. (The LRC’s is located in the east hallway of Sally Monserud Hall.)