Native Early Transition (NET) Program

Native Student Services offers the Native Early Transitions (NET) program beginning the week before the traditional start of each fall semester.  First-time freshmen from both rural and urban communities attend a 5-day program aimed at easing rural student transitions and supporting their academic and social success as UAA.  Activities are offered to familiarize incoming students to the services offered at UAA, to finalize college paperwork, and make new friends before the semester starts.

This is an exciting program which involves both rural and Native first-time-freshman who will be attending fall UAA classes.  This program is an excellent way to ensure their transition to the UAA campus and the city of Anchorage be made easy as possible.

The program dates for fall 2014 are August 18-21, 2014.

Please call Casey Sifsof, Student Success Coordinator, at 1-866-786-4804 or email for more information. 

NET 2013 flyer