Student/Faculty Representation

To all Psychology students, you have a voice. As your student/faculty representative, I am here to make sure that your voice is heard. Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or issues that you would like me to bring to the faculty and the department's attention. Please keep this professional and abstain from any profane or aggressive language. Visit me at This is completely confidential between students and faculty members, so don't be afraid to speak freely.  However, rants, unprofessional comments, and complaints about professors or grades will be disregarded. Personal issues dealing with professors and grades needs to be addressed to either the professor or the chair of the department. I am here to get your input, suggestions, and both negative and positive comments that will help improve the department so that students get the most optimal learning experience possible. I can't wait to hear from you!

Thank You,

Rena Majia


 Psychology Student Clubs

The student psychology clubs work closely to benefit the community.  The clubs create opportunities for students to learn more about the field of psychology, raise money for local and national charities, host guest speakers from the community and research presentations by UAA faculty and students, support research conferences like the UAA Behavioral Sciences Conference of the North, and host social activities.

Learn more about the clubs, including how to join and membership requirements, using the links below:


Undergraduate Student Organizations


Graduate Student Organizations