Meetings and Events

When it comes to scheduling facilities, UAA main goal is to ensure the regular classes are scheduled appropriately. Once we made sure all the classes have a good home and the exams have been scheduled, we start looking at other ways to maximize the use of UAA facilities and meet other needs of UAA students, faculty, and staff.

Please click the updated UAA General Classroom List as well as additional information: photos of rooms, seating capacity and type, applicable restrictions, audio-visual equipment.

Important Note:
Starting July 1, 2014 events in General Classrooms will be scheduled by Conference Services.

There will no changes related to scheduling of events:

  • events are scheduled after the academic scheduling for the semester has been completed;
  • event scheduling for a semester starts 2 weeks prior to first day of class;
  • online request form remains the same;
  • contact email for event scheduling remains the same:
  • you can continue using the online tools to check room availability;

New contact is Megan Bladlow  907-751-7273.

The Office of the Registrar will support Conference Services through the transition.

Because academic scheduling takes priority, there are certain periods of time when only a tentative confirmation of your request can be provided.  This limitation only applies to events booked beyond the current semester.  If your event falls on the future semester date, the final confirmation will be provided two (2) weeks prior to the beginning of that semester. If you are booking space for the event in the current semester, the booking will be confirmed within three (3) business days.

Please review semester start dates and the dates when we start issuing final confirmations if you were to book the event TODAY

SemesterStart DateFinal Confirmation Issued
Fall 2014  Current              


3 business days

Spring 2015



Summer 2015       



 Before booking a meeting or event, use our online tools to help you: 

    You may find what rooms are available in different buildings for the date/time you need.
    Please note, that this tool is meant for search and review only. At this time, it does not allow you to book the room.  

  •  Consult the MAIN CALENDAR to see what classes and events are already scheduled across campus.

  • Access a comprehensive view of the month by choosing SEMESTER-AT-A-GLANCE. 


UAA Room/Facilities Requests

Recommended Browsers are Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. 

Now that you decided on the room you want and ensured it's available when you need it, please proceed to booking by filling out the appropriate form:

Facility Use Policy Guidelines

Rental Fees

Sponsorship by University of Alaska

Sponsorship Request Form
Sponsorship Policy

Event Facilities
Request Form

To be used by UAA departments to book space
for events and meetings. 

Special Events/
Use Agreement Form

This form is not to be used
for regular class scheduling.

Facility Reservation Policy


UAA Student Clubs
Facility Request Form

Used by UAA Student Clubs to request
general classrooms for non-class events.
Requires signature approval
before confirmation.

Student Club Reservation Policy

 Change/Cancellation Policy

Any changes to room reservations or cancellations must be submitted to within two (2) business days prior to the start of the event.

Failure to provide a timely cancellation will result in charges for space according to the original request.

Failure to provide timely changes may result in denial of change processing. 


Additional Facilities and Services

You can access additional facilities and services for your event by contacting the following department directly:

Arts Building

Cedar Cussins
Fine Arts Building Manager

 Fine Arts_0328

Aviation Complex



ConocoPhillips Integrated Science Building

Krystal Haase
Building Manager

integrated sciences 

Health Sciences Building

Jessica Salas
Program Assistant for School of Nursing
Department of Health Sciences

 HSB buildingA

Lucy Cuddy Hall


 Cuddy Hall_4065

Student Union/ Campus Center

student union 2 


The Gorsuch Commons

University Center - Lobby

UC Classroom 144/145
Contact:  Community & Technical College


UC Lobby


Wells Fargo Sports Complex

WFSC 2801 

Wendy Williamson Auditorium



After reviewing the information and checking space availability, if you have further questions, please contact us at or call 907-786-1497.