Historic Class Schedule, Deadlines, Tuition, Fees

Below are historic class listings, which include the course offerings for a particular semester, as well as all the necessary information to register and pay for classes.  The course offerings in the class listings represented a single snapshot in time at the beginning of the semester.

For current registration information -- including admissions, tuition, waitlisting and more -- go to the online Registration Guide.

For current semester class schedules, see the UAOnline Schedule Search

Current registration and payment deadlines can be found at Dates and Deadlines.




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Fall 2014 Dates, Deadlines,
Tuition & Fees



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Summer 2014 Dates and Deadlines












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Spring 2014 Dates, Deadlines,
Tuition & Fees

Summer 2014 Dates, Deadlines, Tuition & Fees

 Fall 2013 Registration Guide

Summer 2013 Registration Guide 

Spring 2013 Class Listing  Spring 2013 Distance Listing 
Summer 2013 Registration Guide

Spring 2013 Class Listing

Spring 2013 Distance Listing

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Fall 2012 Class Listing

Fall 2012 Distance Listing Summer 2012 Class Listing
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Summer 2012 Distance Listing Spring 2012 Class Listing Spring 2012 Distance Listing

Fall 2011 Class Schedules

Fall 2011 Distance Class Listing

Summer 2011 Class Listings

Fall 2011 Class Listing 

Fall 2011 Distance Listing  Summer 2011 Class Listing

Summer 2011 Distance Class Listings

Spring 2011 Class Listings Cover

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Summer 2011 Distance Listing Spring 2011 Class Listing