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The unofficial transcript I received does not resemble the Transfer Equivalency Worksheet. Why is that? A transcript lists the courses accepted for credit by UAA. The Transfer Equivalency Worksheet lists the courses taken at your previous university or college and how those courses transfer to UAA. If you would like more information, contact a Student Information Advisor by calling 907-786-1480 or come to UAA, One Stop Student Services, at the University Center.
While I was in high school I took an Advanced Placement Exam. Can I use this toward my degree at UAA? Yes, UAA awards credit for appropriate scores on a variety of exams. Refer to the UAA catalog for further information under National Credit by Examination. Have an official transcript of your test scores sent to UAA.
Why don’t credits from all institutions transfer to UAA?

UAA will transfer college level credit from institutions that are accredited by one of the following regional accrediting agencies:

  • Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
  • North Central Association of Colleges and Schools-Higher Learning Commission
  • New England Association of Schools and Colleges
  • Northwest Commission of Colleges and Universities
  • Southern Association of Colleges
  • Schools Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Accreditation by such agencies demonstrates that the institution operates within commonly accepted standards of instruction.

My transfer evaluation shows 2.668 credits for English 111. How am I going to satisfy .332 credits of English? Transfer credit equivalents vary among semester, unit and quarter institutions. Courses equated to UAA courses that are short 1.00 credit or less meet UAA course requirements without requiring a petition. To complete credit requirements greater than 1.00 credits, you can either take another UAA class or initiate the academic petition process with your academic advisor. Refer to your Certificate of Admission or DegreeWorks for academic advisor contact information. It is students’ responsibility to ensure that they complete the total number of credits for their general education requirements and degrees.
Why does a "D" on a transcript from an institution outside the state of Alaska NOT transfer to UAA when a "D" from UAF or UAS does transfer to UAA? Grades of "D-" or above are transferable within the University of Alaska system; however, they are not acceptable to satisfy major requirements. A "C" or better is required from all institutions outside the University of Alaska system.
Can I apply my military service toward my degree at UAA? Yes, UAA evaluates military credit. These credits are usually brought in as electives. Evaluations are done using the recommendations from the American Council on Education (ACE). Additional information on military credit is available in the UAA catalog. Request for Evaluation of Military Training.
Will graduate courses transfer to UAA? No, graduate level coursework does not transfer to an undergraduate degree. The Graduate Studies Committee of the student’s graduate program will determine which graduate level courses will be accepted and listed on a student’s individual graduate studies plan. The credits will be posted at the time of graduation from the Graduate Studies Plan.
I am coming to UAA from another country. How does my transcript get evaluated? International transcripts must be evaluated by an independent recommended international evaluation service before UAA will consider it for transfer. Please note that without exception, credits from international schools transfer as electives. International students holding degrees can have their General Education Requirements waived provided one of the international evaluation services equates the coursework as equivalent in all aspects to a United States baccalaureate degree. There is information online at: International Transfer Credit Evaluation
I earned a baccalaureate degree at another institution. How does my degree transfer to UAA?

If you hold a baccalaureate degree from another regionally accredited institution, UAA waives your General Education Requirements, as stated in the current UAA catalog. For example, if you graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in Political Science, your worksheet would contain the following:

UA 000000 *GERWV AAPD1R BA: Political Science 5-19-2000

This will show ‘00.000’ credits, which does not mean that no credits have transferred. This is an informational note to you and your advisor, which tells you that all General Education Requirements have been waived. Individual course work is listed separately.

How do I transfer courses from other UA System institutions to UAA? We review UAA students registered for UAF, UAS or PWSCC credits at the end of every semester.  If final grades have been submitted, the coursework will be automatically transferred.  If you need to have UAF, UAS or PWSCC coursework evaluated, please send an email to:
How are classes from UAA extended colleges/sites evaluated? The Matanuska-Susitna, Chugiak/Eagle River, Kenai/Homer and Kodiak campuses are University of Alaska Anchorage extended colleges and sites. Courses taken at these campuses do not have to be transferred to UAA.
Why doesn't my ENG 101 "Intro to Literature" transfer as ENGL A121 "Intro to Literature" at UAA?

All transfer courses are compared individually on a case-by-case basis. The following points are kept in mind when determining equivalency:

  • Courses descriptions are taken from the transfer school's catalog, during the time of attendance, and are compared to the current UAA catalog.
  • Lower division and upper division courses taught at different levels than their UAA equivalent cannot be equated. Transfer courses must have been taught at the freshman through senior undergraduate levels in order to transfer.
  • Equivalent courses should have similar or identical titles.
  • The transfer course must be within 1 semester-hour credit of the UAA equivalent course.
  • The area fulfilled within the degree (GER, major, or elective credit) should be similar to the UAA equivalent course.
  • Catalog course descriptions should contain similar concepts, keywords and/or emphasis areas to their UAA equivalent. If the courses do not contain enough similarity, despite similar or identical titles, we will not equate them to the UAA course. A topical class cannot transfer in to take the place of a more general survey of the subject.