Living and Learning Community Choices at UAA

Immerse yourself in a unique environment and become part of a living/learning community at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Our residential learning communities connect you with people, programs, and activities that support your educational goals and academic success. Explore our seven dynamic learning communities.

officeFirst-Year Experience Program: North Hall

This program is for first-year college students under the age of 20, who have completed 20 or less college credits. Residents are provided with resources and activities to help them with the transition to college life, such as: peer support and mentoring, social events, workshops on academic and personal growth, tutoring and study groups, and opportunities for leadership and community service. This program has 18 student staff members (10 Peer Mentors/8 Resident Advisors) to assist incoming students with their transition. Individuals participating in this program will also enroll in Guidance 150, a 3 credit academic class focusing on college survival skills that will be taught in their residence hall.

First-Year Focus Community: West Hall

This program is for first-year college students under the age of 20, who have completed 20 or less college credits. Residents will experience a close-knit community enhanced through programming, peer support, and mentoring. Staff provide skills for college success, social events, academic support, tutoring and study groups, excellent opportunities for leadership, community service, and fun. This community will focus on the development of the first-year student at UAA.

Nightingale Community: West Hall            

For Nursing and Pre-Nursing students. The RRANN Program (Recruitment and Retention of Alaska Natives into Nursing), in conjunction with Residence Life, provides on-site tutoring, special events, weekly community gatherings with Nursing faculty, and computers just for Nightingale Community residents.

Teaching and Learning Community: East Hall

For education majors or students exploring careers in teaching. The College of Education, in partnership with Residence Life, provides a space for students to build relationships with faculty, their peers, and other professionals in the field of education through social and academic programming. Students will have the opportunity to be involved with tutoring, study groups, social events, community service, and college success courses.

Alyeska Community: West Hall

A cooperative program between Residence Life and ANSEP (Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program). This community provides a supportive environment for science and engineering majors, particularly Alaska Native and rural students. The Alyeska community helps students develop close ties with others of similar backgrounds and interests as they experience the adjustment to campus life together.

University Honors Community: East Hall

Students enrolled in the University Honors Program may choose to live with students of similar academic commitment on the “Honors Floor.” Activities in this community focus on academics, leadership, and community service, and allow students to gain hands on participation in educational and social programming.

Aviation Community and Aviation House: East Hall and Templewood Apartments

For Aviation majors or students planning to pursue a career in Aviation. The Aviation Department, in conjunction with Residence Life, works to provide peer academic mentoring, social and educational programming, and networking with individuals in the Aviation profession.

UAA Residential Community Wellness Initiative

The Department of Residence Life and University Housing, Dining, and Conference Services provides healthy and academically supportive living environments for students. The following communities are designated as Substance Free Housing:

  • First-Year Experience (North Hall, floors 1-4)
  • First-Year Focus (West Hall, floors 1-2)
  • Alyeska Community (West Hall, floor 3)
  • Main Apartment Complex Building Six (apartments 601-617)
Substance Free Housing prohibits residents and their guests from possessing or consuming alcohol, smoking of tobacco products, use or possession of drugs or other intoxicants, and possession of drug paraphernalia. All residents, including those 21 years of age and older, living in a designated Substance Free Housing community must adhere to the Substance Free Housing expectations. The Department of Residence Life has a strongly enforced expectation that all residents and their guests comply with all federal, state and university regulations related to the use or possession of alcohol and other drugs. All residence halls and apartments are non-smoking indoors and smoking of tobacco products must be done 50 feet away from buildings.