Accommodations for Students Who Experience Disabilities

The residential community is specifically designed for accessibility. A number of our apartments are specifically designed to accommodate students with both temporary and permanent disabilities.

Available equipment includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • barrier free furniture
  • shower benches
  • fire horns
  • strobes
  • bed shakers
  • computer adaptive technology support

For more information, contact University Housing, Dining & Conference Services (UHDCS, see number below).

Service Animals

Approved service animals for persons with disabilities are welcome in student housing.  Verification of the need of the service must be provided by the student to Disabilities Support Service (DSS) located in the Rasmuson Hall, room 105, prior to the student assuming occupancy. 

Resources/Additional Information

  • Department of Residence Life: 907.751.7444 (TTY)
  • Disability Support Services: 907.786.4530 or 907.786.4536 (TTY)
  • University Housing, Dining & Conference Services (UHDSC):  907.751.7200

Learn more by reading the Guide to Living on Campus.