Breakfast from Phuket

Did you know that Phuket, which is somewhat smaller than the size of Signapore, is Thailand's largest island? Did you know they have tasty breakfast food? Explore a traditional breakfast  from the island of Phuket right here at UAA! 

9:00 am--10:30 am | Gorsuch Commons Grand Hallway

Decorate A Lounge Contest

Show your spirit with this fun team decorating contest!  Compete for best dressed lounge…your hall could win!  Decorations will be provided.  Prizes will be awarded for the winning team.


12:00 pm--1:30  pm | North, East  & West 1st Floor Lounges

Mindful Meditation

It's Friday and the week's almost over.  Whether you want to press the pause button or focus on the week ahead, this program will teach you some useful techniquest for focus and tranquility.  Refreshments will be served.

3:00 pm--5:00 pm | West Hall 1st Floor Lobby


TED Talks & Treats

Congratulations on finishing up your first week of classes for the semester!  Now unwind and relax by enjoying some fun and interesting TED talks and snacks!

5:00 pm-6:30 pm | East Hall 2nd Floor Lounge


OCL Block Party

What better way to wrap up an amazing first week of classes than with a block party in the On-Campus Living community!  Try your hand at some fun games, check out the photo booth, and enjoy music presented by KRUA 88.1 FM radio station!

9:00 pm--11:00 pm | Outside the Gorsuch Commons & Residence Life office